Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heineken Regatta 2011

The course of the Heineken Regatta is a long distance/formula course.
I competed in the Long distance Class U17 because I didnt have a formula board and because if I would race in the U15 I would have no competition.

Heat 1
I was surfing with my dad's 9.5 and 131 L Isonic.
I started 3 seconds late and went allmost straight upwind.
When I was upwind there was 1 person in front of me, at the bouy I allmost got in front of him but then I made a Technical mistake because the wind changed.
I finished in 2nd

Heat 2
I surfed with the same set.
I started precisely on 0 seconds, I was in first and upwind the same guy that won me last time got in front of me, I got in front of him because I plained all the way to the bouy  and he didn't.
I pumped all the way back because the wind dropped to 8 knots and finished in 1st of all the classes!!!

Heat 3
I surfed with the same set but I had my 7.8 ready because the wind went up to 14
I started 1 second late but went fast to the bouy because there was much wind.
I finished in first of all the classes Again.

Heat 4
I started with about 9 knots.
When I was about halfway the wind suddenly went up to 20 and everyone was overpowerd.
I came in 2nd.

Heat 5
There were about 3 knots and I went with the same set because I had nothing bigger.
I came in last because I didnt round the bouy since I allmost couldn't go foward.
After the race I had a protest with 3 other guys because there was no wind.
but unfortionatly they didn't do anything.

The result was:
2nd place U17.

I would like to say thanks to all the organisers and the race comission for a really nice event.
And a big thanks to my sponsers:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

IFCA North American Championships Miami

Day 1
Today I registerd in the U15 class, saw some of my buddys and later on we had a race.
In the race there wasn't much wind so I had to pump alot with my 7.8 just like everybody els, I ended up 3rd in the u17 and 1st in the u15. After that we had a break and ate some nice food.
Later on we had 3 back to back races. The last races had a little more wind but...... we still had to pump alot!! I ended up 1st u15 and 3rd u17 in all the races!! I was verry happy with my result since I had some verry though competitors like Rens Grijpma, Jean Patrick van de wolde and Ethan Westera!

Day 2
When I came to the went site today there were 5 knots.
There wasn't much wind so I used my dad's biggest sail: 9.5!!!
We had six races today, four were canceld.
The results: 1 time 1st u17 and 1 time second u17!!
At the end of the day I changed to the u17 class because it was much to easy for me u15.

Day 3 ------ Last day of Windsurfing
Today there were about 2 knots at the beginning but later on the wind picked up to 15 knots!!
We surfed six heats and I did a good job u17
The results:

1st Ethan Westera
2nd Jean Patrick van de Wolde
3rd Aron Etmon!!!

I couldnt have done this without my sponsors:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

European Championships IFCA Hyeres, France

Saturday 9-3
After a 8 hour intercontinental and a 3 hour continental flight me and my mom arrived at the airport in Marseille where we were picked up by the event organizer Bernard Laffond.
Bernard took us to our apartment in Hyeres.
After I checked all my gear I went to the beach where I met some local surfers.
In the evening  Bernard picked us up again to have a verry nice dinner at his house wich was prepared by his lovely wife Noami.

Sunday 9-4
Today the weather was nice, bright sun but in the morning NO WIND.
In the afternoon there were about 16 knots and small waves.
On the water I met one of my Dutch friends Coen Swijnenburg.
We surfed the whole afternoon and later on shore we talked about windsurfing.

Monday 9-5
Today I woke up and when I looked outside I saw wind!!!!
There were 28 knots and big waves!!
So I ate my breakfast really fast and ran to the beach with my surf gear to rig it.
I had to choose between my 7.0 and my 6.4.
I rigged my 6.4 and it turned out it was a good choise because the wind picked up to 30knots.
Coen and I surfed the whole day.
I loved the constand wind and the waves.

Tuesday 9-6
There were only 4 knots of constand wind today.
I went to Coen and because it was 30 degrees hot and we went swimming without a wetsuit.
At first it was really cold but after 10 minutes I was used to it.
At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon Jordy Vonk and his father arrived.
They brought my new North Sails Warp F2011, my new NS Platinum boom, Extension, Basplate and Mast from the Dutch North Sails dealer, Herman Van De Berg who owns Boardduru in the Netherlands.
Thanks for taking it with you Jordy and Rene (Jordy's dad)!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the evening, Jordy, Coen, our parents and I had a verry nice dinner in the harbour of Hyeres.
Wednesday 9-7
Today there were 33 knots of constant wind!!
I rigged my 6.4 but on the water I was overpowered!!
I surfed for a little while and after that I decided not to go on the water because with this wind I had  more chanse of breaking my Gear.
Today was the inscription day.

Thursday 9-8
The day started with 13 knots of wind and I rigged my Norh Sails Warp 7.0 and 7.8
I was in the first heat and I chose to go out with my 7.8 North and my 101 liter Isonic Woodcarbon 2010 with a 41 cm Select S10 fin.
At the starting boat there were 17 knots and on the course 13 knots.
I made it to the winners final and ended up 6th u 17 in the winers finals.
In the second elimination I made it to the winners final again and ended up 7th.
After that there was no wind so no more races for the day.

Friday-Sunday 9-9/11
All competitors in standby mode, we hoped for wind but it didn't come so we swam, paddleboarded and chilled those days.

The prizegiving on Sunday

8th u17
1 Arthur Arutkin
2 Coen swijnenburg
3 aron etmon (me)

I would like to thank the event organisation especially Bernard for the nice eventand picking me and my mom up and bringing uss to the airport.
And I would like to thank my sponsors verry much for helping me out:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

university of speed

There were 21 knots, small chaps and fast people!!
Today I rigged my 7.0 North Sails warp with my Isonic 86 slim and a 33 cm Select S09.
The race was a speed race, you had to pass the boat as much times as you could and as fast as you could.
I was in the u17 class and had Jean Patrick van de wolde in my class.
Before the brake my top speed was 48km per hour
Then we had a break, we had something small to eat and something to drink.
And then, on the water.
I broke my record and went 51 km per hour!!
The results were:
1. Michel Motshagen with 54 km per hour
2.(My dad), Ivan Etmon with 53 km per hour
2. Perry van de Wolde with 53 km per hour
2. Michel Huiberts with 53 km per hour

1. Me, Aron Etmon with 51km per hour
1. Jean Patrick van de Wolde with 51 km per hour
3. Felix Den Heijer with 43 km per hour

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slalom and Freestyle training at Bonaire

My training in Bonaire:

Last week I was in Bonair for some slalom training with my North Sails Warp 7.0 and my Starboard Isonic 101 woodcarbon.
I also came there to practice freestyle.
The conditions were great, 20 knots.
I got the slalom training from Patun Saragosa,
The slalom lessons were very good and lots of fun!!
Patun gave me some tips for the jibes and for speed, the tips helped me a lot. Thanks Patun!!
I also freestyled with the guys from Bonaire and learned a Spock and a Funnel.
We had a great time, thanks Jurgen, Stepherd, Joshua and Felix

Monday, July 4, 2011

Aruba Hi-winds 2011

June 22 2011 / I arrived on Aruba with I Hang Loose Windsurf Team's sponsor Insel Air who is a great help to us with tickets and transport of our equipment. I could not wait to go to Fishermen Huts, the cool beach were the PWA Freestyle and Slalom event already started. Once I arrived I saw all great windsurfers I only know from the windsurf magazines. I had landed in windsurf heaven! They were all very nice and helpful. I learned a lot of the new gear. Everybody was allowed to take pictures with them and the best was surfing among them. Peter Volwater was really nice, he spoke several times with me and gave me tips to rig my sail even better. Also Karin Jaggi, from whom my parents bought my first North Sail years ago was really outgoing and stayed nice all the times I ask her for more windsurf knowledge. Of course I had fun with the Bonairians, who are always smiling and I loved to see Tati racing his 6.6 sail like crazy in a group of 8-something sails and stay put. They called him "the Wasp", unbelievable how he jibes, nobody can keep up with his cool style.

I was allowed to do a try out for PWA and ended in 4th place out of 9 kids (age 13-18), not bad since I was the youngest (I just turned 13,  June 16th). The PWA people told us they were presently surprised by the high level of all the kids but at the end the smallest kids, which I was one of, where not allowed to enter because it would be too dangerous for us. I thought it was a little unfair especially since I beat a couple of the bigger guys in the try outs…. But I respect their decision, my time will come! I still have to do a lot more training if I want to keep up with the pro's.
After the PWA Event some Aruban kids and I even got the chance to surf with Bjorn Dunkerbeck, that was really cool of him.

June 29 2011/ Registration day
Aruba Hi-winds is one of the events I like the most. Aruba is a cool place to sail and the people are always friendly. For more info: Aruba Hi Winds. Today the registration took part. I already registered online so everything went fast.

Day 1- The first day of slalom competitions. After a good night sleep I went to the beach early to get my gear ready. At the skippers meeting they told me I was in heat #4. The course was a downwind slalom with 4 jibes and really long laps. In the first heat I was 1st over the starting line and ended up 2nd behind Jurgen Saragosa from Bonaire. I was impressed by his speed. The rest of the day I came in third and 1 time fourth.

Day 2- When I arrived on the beach, I noticed there was no wind. I rigged my gear and went out to see how the wind was out there. In Aruba it's very difficult to tell on the beach how the wind is out on the ocean.
I could plain with my North Sails Warp 7.0, so back on the beach I didn't have to rig a bigger sail.
The day started with heat #6 because we ended with heat #5 the day before and over and over Oscar, the race director made heat 6,7,8,9 start, with result: the heat cancellation flag. The AP flag was up really long. We tried for almost 2 hours, but only cancellations and postponements. At noon we went back to the beach for lunch. After lunch they did the same thing and ended up with the same results.

Day 3- Today we had planned the long distance but when we were rigging they told us that we were going to do slalom. We started and now the heat's went faster. I used my Isonic 86 slim and with a 6.4 Ka Koncept a combination I like. I made some good starts but the waves came from all sides and since we are not use to that I ended up 3th after Nik and Mathias from Aruba. At the end of the day they started the Freestyle competition but after 2 heats all was cancelled because of the lack of wind.

Day 4- Today we did do Long Distance Races. The wind wasn't as strong as the day before. I decided to go with my North Sails Warp 7.0 and my Starboard Isonic 101 wood carbon. This is my favorite set and I was going fast!! I finished 2nd all the long distance races and was happy with the result.
After that here was a Kite Long Distance Race, cool to see so many kites at once on the water! Not a long rest since I had to change the slalom gear for my freestyle sail and board. I made it till the 3rd elimination round and the result was 5th place in "Kid of the Huts".
During the weekend there was a big crowd on the beach to watch the competitions and of course to join the Amstel bright happy hours and the music.

Day 5- Today I wanted to make sure I hold 3rd place and that is what I did. After the races we packed all our gear an were ready to go home. In the evening we had the price giving at a shopping mall. Nearly all surfers and kiters where there and it was fun to watch the movie they made of this event all together.
I was happy with my 3th place as the others Nik and Mathias were really good.
All and all, again a great event in which I learned a lot. Two thumbs up for the organisation of the Hi Winds! Next year I will be back!

Also a big thank you to all my sponsors and Insel Air who made the travelling easy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New NS Warp F2011!!

Today I tested my new Warp F2011 7.0.

On St Joris we had high wind conditions so around 23 - 25 knots.
I rigged my new sail like it says in the rigging manual and it looked great! I used the 7.0 sail in combination with my Starboard Isonic 101L Wood Carbon with a 37cm Select S10 Vin.
When I was out on the water the first thing I noticed that the sail was really light.
I had a little competition with French guys who stayed a couple of days after the Worlds and I noticed that I had a lot more speed then I normally do. It's official; I love this sail! Back on shore people who watched said that I as going really fast....... Aruba here I come!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Curacao Challenge 2011

16-4-'11 Two years ago the IFCA world cup was at Bonaire (for me some good memories).
Now this year they are going to do the IFCA in Curacao. After two years of practise during the Curacao Challenge that had been held at Mambo beach they moved to St Joris bay.

Around 14.00 we packed the car and drove to ST. Joris bay with only one set of windsurf gear as it was go BIG or stay home wind. At the event side I met all the people I know from the other competitions. And of course locals, like Jean Patrick and his father, Ed and his wife, Fulco etc etc. One big family.
We had to stop a bit early, as we were going to pick up Patoun and Jurgen from the airport.
After we picked them up we had a nice dinner together in the Pizza place.

18-04-'11 After a very relaxing morning we drove to St. Joris bay. At the entrance of the area we noticed we could see Bonaire in the far distance. A little bit later on the dirt road we met Myles. One of the grand masters and we know each other already for a while. So it’s always nice to see windsurf friends.

* Jurgen NB-117,  ME CUR 2, Myles USA 213, Monique NB-28, Patoun NB-8

I took some time to organize my gear bags at the event side, there was not much place yet and no shade so it was a bit of a puzzle but at the end we put our gear in the container. In the afternoon I was doing some speed testing with Monique, Patoun, Amado and Wolfgang. The wind was still very light; guess about 10 knots and a lot of holes.

Just before going home my mom and Patoun lighted up the grill and we made a BBQ for all the people who were still there were some hamburgers, with tomatoes, salad and cheese. MMMM MMMM!!!!

19-04-'11 Last day to test, last day to practice before the World Championships are going to start. In the morning we checked our gear, talked with (new) friends etc etc. At 12.00 we went on the water .I was testing with Patun, Juan V103, Argentine and Wolfgang AUS 3. Not too long though as we have races starting tomorrow, so didn't want to get to tired and the plan was to go home and relax a bit before the opening ceremony.
The IFCA Slalom World Championships on Curacao has officially started with a grand opening ceremony. With 85 competitors from 16 different countries from 4 different continents, this is the biggest windsurfing event on Curacao since the 90’s.
During the opening ceremony there were various prominent speakers, such as Prime Minister Schotte, Minister of Education and Sports Lionel Jansen, President of the IFCA and main sponsors Albert Heijn and Insel Air. They all had a similar message: the unique accomplishment of the organization and the Curacao windsurf community to be able to organize such a big international event.
The ministers officially opened the Surf Town.
Afterwards there was a DJ and completely in style: a campfire on the beach.

Day 1- The weather forecast wasn't promising a lot. The trees outside our house where not moving. At 8.30 we were in the car to the event side. The skipper meeting was at 10.00
there haven’t been any races on Day 1. The wind stayed steady around 8 knots (a minimum of 11 knots is needed). Predictions for the next couple of days were looking good though.
The lay-day gave the volunteers and organization the time to relax after the big opening ceremony. The Surf Town has been perfected for the expected crowds this Easter weekend. The competitors enjoyed themselves with some wake-boarding and Stand UP Paddle-boarding (offered by local windsurf school Windsurfing Curacao).

Day 2-Back on the shore I heard Bonaire team won the SUP competition. Great job guys!!
It was a little hope of sailing this afternoon but it wasn't going to happen.
At 16.30 I saw Milles coming in with his 10m2 and 127 litres Starboard I sonic.
At 17.00 they cancelled the races and the race committee was going to pick up the marks. They checked straight the way the wind and where a bit in a shock when they seen me flying on the water.

Day -3 after a whole morning waiting we had a SUP board competition. We had 4 teams United Nations, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba. First it was United Nations vs. Bonaire. Patun and Amado went very good. Curacao vs. Aruba was a easy win for Aruba. Then the final United Nations vs. Aruba. Aruba was too strong for United Nations.
We had a very short skippers meeting in the afternoon. Just to let us know that we were going to make an IFCA world cup start, but again not enough wind so we had a fun race. All the competitors together +/- 70. It was one big chaos. I had still one minute on the start watch when I show them pumping on the start line.
Results Fun race:
1 Open Class and overall: Ben Van der Steen - NED 57
1 Youth: Jocelyn de Souza - FRA 873
1 Junior: Amado Vrieswijk - NB 20
1 Master: Patrik Schmelzer - GER 127

Day 4- I was around 9.00 at the event side and waited till 11.00 for the skippers meeting. Not much news this time. Around 14.00 hour they tried to start us, but the starting area was really gusty and course wasn't correct so we were sent back to the beach. In this time they changed the course again and only kept 2 jibe marks in the water.
At 16.40 (last moment the A.P. flag) went down and we all run to get the gear ready again. I was also very surprised that we were going to start racing right now. I wasn't dreaming it was going to happen and right now. I had a bad start as someone bumped in to me and was in last position but finished in 6th.
So I went to the losers final.
But there I came in first easily

Day 5- The wind conditions were far from great, which is unusual on Curacao this time of year. During 5 possible days of racing, it was only possible to race one late afternoon. During the final day the wind predictions were great, but in reality the wind didn’t show up. On Day 4 all the classes, except one (the Masters), completed an elimination round. The final heat of the Masters could not be sailed on the final day. The competitors did go to the starting line for a last chance, but no luck. This meant that by official IFCA rules there are six World Champions in the Masters class.

1. Sergio Mehl (Argentina)
1. Monique Meijer (Bonaire)
1. Constantino Saragoza (Bonaire)
1. Joris Bosman (the Netherlands)
1. Nikaj Droop (the Netherlands)
1. Diego Domenianni (USA)

Youth – U20
1. Gutek Kurczewski (Poland)
2. Jocelyn de Souza (France)
3. Jordy Vonk (the Netherlands)

Junior – U17
1. Jean Patrick van der Wolde (Curacao)
2. Justin Denel (France)
3. Amado Vrieswijk (Bonaire)

Junior -U15
1. Ethan Westra (Aruba)
2. Coen Swijnenburg (the Netherlands)
3. (ME) Aron Etmon (Curacao)

Junior – U13
1. Delano Moreno (Curacao)
2. Alex Halank (Australia)
3. Jean Paul Da Silva de Goes (Curacao)

Thanks to everyone who made this event happening and a special thanks to all my sponsors.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last week I went to Bonaire to freestyle.
When I landed in Bonaire Monique Meijer, NB 28 picked me up and brought me to Sorobon Beach/Windsurf Place. Everybody was very nice and it made us feel at home.
I rigged my stuff immedeatly and went on the water because there were 20 knots. On the water I trained with my freinds Amado Vrieswijk and Jurgen Saragosa. They gave me some tips for Flaka, Spock and Funnel.
I stayed the weekend and now I can allmost land a Flaka and land a Funnel.
It was lots of fun and I learned much thanks to Amado and Jurgen.
Below a film of me landing Vulcan (and also in the back, my little brother Oscar).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rehearsal World Champs

Today was the rehearsal for the World Championships in April.
We had about 11 knots so I used my fathers 7.3 and his 111L Isonic
I had a great first start (on 0 seconds over the starting line), and I qualified to the winners round.
In the winners round I had to go against Milan, Jean Patrick, Rafael, Felix and Jamil and I finished 3th.
Then we had a break. We ate pan ku frikandel....mmmmm... dushi yiu!
After the break we did two more races and both of them I had awesome starts like the first heat. These two heats I finished 2nd

The result: 2nd place U18

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

freestyle spaanse water

I rigged my 4.0 up and used my Flare 72L board.
I went on the water to test and I was plaining easaly.
The first heat I had to surf against the best freestyler of curacao so i lost although I landed 2 vulcans.
I had to wait till the double elimination started so I wached the other freestyle heats .
The next round there were low wind conditions and I lost again .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super 8 St. joris bay

The day began with changing winds so I rigged up my 6.3 NS Warp
And used my father's 111 liter Isonic.
The wind went lower and lower but I kept plaining and some other guys did'nt.
I had some good starts so every time I ended up 3th.
There were some good competitors: Jean Patrick and Milan.
The result: 3th place.


my dad:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Windsurfing Curacao Downwind Slalom Spanish Water

The day began with much wind so I rigged my 6.3 NS Warp F2008 and my 7.3.
When I went on the water there were about 24 knots but after 10 minutes there only were 14 knots so I swiched my set for a 7.3 and a 111 liter Isonic.
The first race went smooth although I did not have a verry good start I ended up 1st.
The rest of the heats I ended up 1st as well.
The result: 1st (with two 1st places discarded).
I liked the event even though at the end I was a little overpowerd.

I would like to thank Jan Lagerstedt from Sweden because thanks to him it was a international race.
Thanks Jan.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old school windsurf race series

The race was a 4 hour team race and I teamed up with my dad.
Our team name was "Visious & Delicious".
The day began with lots of wind so I rigged up my North Sails Warp 6.3
When the race started the wind suddely dropt to about 17 knots so I went to shore, and switched my set to my dad's 122 liter Isonic and a 7.3 sail.
I raced 1 hour non stop then we were 3th place.
Then I switched with my dad.
But when my dad raced we went from 3th place to 4th place.
So after 15 minutes I told my dad to switch.
We switched and I surfed 45 minutes because I wanted to finish at least 3th place, then switched again.
And of course my dad went from 3th place to 4th place again.
After 15 minutes we switched again and I surfed the rest of the race non stop.
At the end we came in 2nd with 43 laps (my father did 7 laps and I did the rest). Perry van der Wolde and his son Jean Patrick van der Wolde also team members of the I Hang Loose Windsurf Team came in first.
Our price was: a beautiful painting on a piece of driftwood.

I would like to thank Ed and his team who made this all possible.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Event Calendar 2011

01/09/2011 Old School windsurf race series St. Joris, Cur (2nd Open)
01/30/2011 Windsurfing CuraƧao Downw Sl Spanish Waters (1st U15)
02/06/2011 Downwind Slalom Super 8 St. Joris, Curacao (3th U18)
02/20/2011 Windsurfing Curacao Freestyle Spanish Waters (5th Open)
03/20/2011 St.Joris Bay rehearsel IFCA,Curacao (2nd U17)
04/19-24/2011 IFCA Slalom Worlds 2011 JYM St. Joris (3th U15)
06/12/2011 St. Joris Downwind Slalom (5th Open)
06/29'11-07/4 25th Aruba Hi-Winds (3th U15 slalom and 5th u 15 freestyle)
09/7-11/2011 IFCA European Championships slalom Hyeres, France (3th U15)
10/21-23/2011 North American Championship Miami, Florida, USA (3th U17)