Sunday, January 30, 2011

Windsurfing Curacao Downwind Slalom Spanish Water

The day began with much wind so I rigged my 6.3 NS Warp F2008 and my 7.3.
When I went on the water there were about 24 knots but after 10 minutes there only were 14 knots so I swiched my set for a 7.3 and a 111 liter Isonic.
The first race went smooth although I did not have a verry good start I ended up 1st.
The rest of the heats I ended up 1st as well.
The result: 1st (with two 1st places discarded).
I liked the event even though at the end I was a little overpowerd.

I would like to thank Jan Lagerstedt from Sweden because thanks to him it was a international race.
Thanks Jan.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old school windsurf race series

The race was a 4 hour team race and I teamed up with my dad.
Our team name was "Visious & Delicious".
The day began with lots of wind so I rigged up my North Sails Warp 6.3
When the race started the wind suddely dropt to about 17 knots so I went to shore, and switched my set to my dad's 122 liter Isonic and a 7.3 sail.
I raced 1 hour non stop then we were 3th place.
Then I switched with my dad.
But when my dad raced we went from 3th place to 4th place.
So after 15 minutes I told my dad to switch.
We switched and I surfed 45 minutes because I wanted to finish at least 3th place, then switched again.
And of course my dad went from 3th place to 4th place again.
After 15 minutes we switched again and I surfed the rest of the race non stop.
At the end we came in 2nd with 43 laps (my father did 7 laps and I did the rest). Perry van der Wolde and his son Jean Patrick van der Wolde also team members of the I Hang Loose Windsurf Team came in first.
Our price was: a beautiful painting on a piece of driftwood.

I would like to thank Ed and his team who made this all possible.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Event Calendar 2011

01/09/2011 Old School windsurf race series St. Joris, Cur (2nd Open)
01/30/2011 Windsurfing CuraƧao Downw Sl Spanish Waters (1st U15)
02/06/2011 Downwind Slalom Super 8 St. Joris, Curacao (3th U18)
02/20/2011 Windsurfing Curacao Freestyle Spanish Waters (5th Open)
03/20/2011 St.Joris Bay rehearsel IFCA,Curacao (2nd U17)
04/19-24/2011 IFCA Slalom Worlds 2011 JYM St. Joris (3th U15)
06/12/2011 St. Joris Downwind Slalom (5th Open)
06/29'11-07/4 25th Aruba Hi-Winds (3th U15 slalom and 5th u 15 freestyle)
09/7-11/2011 IFCA European Championships slalom Hyeres, France (3th U15)
10/21-23/2011 North American Championship Miami, Florida, USA (3th U17)