Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rehearsal World Champs

Today was the rehearsal for the World Championships in April.
We had about 11 knots so I used my fathers 7.3 and his 111L Isonic
I had a great first start (on 0 seconds over the starting line), and I qualified to the winners round.
In the winners round I had to go against Milan, Jean Patrick, Rafael, Felix and Jamil and I finished 3th.
Then we had a break. We ate pan ku frikandel....mmmmm... dushi yiu!
After the break we did two more races and both of them I had awesome starts like the first heat. These two heats I finished 2nd

The result: 2nd place U18

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

freestyle spaanse water

I rigged my 4.0 up and used my Flare 72L board.
I went on the water to test and I was plaining easaly.
The first heat I had to surf against the best freestyler of curacao so i lost although I landed 2 vulcans.
I had to wait till the double elimination started so I wached the other freestyle heats .
The next round there were low wind conditions and I lost again .