Sunday, April 3, 2011


Last week I went to Bonaire to freestyle.
When I landed in Bonaire Monique Meijer, NB 28 picked me up and brought me to Sorobon Beach/Windsurf Place. Everybody was very nice and it made us feel at home.
I rigged my stuff immedeatly and went on the water because there were 20 knots. On the water I trained with my freinds Amado Vrieswijk and Jurgen Saragosa. They gave me some tips for Flaka, Spock and Funnel.
I stayed the weekend and now I can allmost land a Flaka and land a Funnel.
It was lots of fun and I learned much thanks to Amado and Jurgen.
Below a film of me landing Vulcan (and also in the back, my little brother Oscar).