Sunday, August 14, 2011

university of speed

There were 21 knots, small chaps and fast people!!
Today I rigged my 7.0 North Sails warp with my Isonic 86 slim and a 33 cm Select S09.
The race was a speed race, you had to pass the boat as much times as you could and as fast as you could.
I was in the u17 class and had Jean Patrick van de wolde in my class.
Before the brake my top speed was 48km per hour
Then we had a break, we had something small to eat and something to drink.
And then, on the water.
I broke my record and went 51 km per hour!!
The results were:
1. Michel Motshagen with 54 km per hour
2.(My dad), Ivan Etmon with 53 km per hour
2. Perry van de Wolde with 53 km per hour
2. Michel Huiberts with 53 km per hour

1. Me, Aron Etmon with 51km per hour
1. Jean Patrick van de Wolde with 51 km per hour
3. Felix Den Heijer with 43 km per hour