Thursday, September 29, 2011

European Championships IFCA Hyeres, France

Saturday 9-3
After a 8 hour intercontinental and a 3 hour continental flight me and my mom arrived at the airport in Marseille where we were picked up by the event organizer Bernard Laffond.
Bernard took us to our apartment in Hyeres.
After I checked all my gear I went to the beach where I met some local surfers.
In the evening  Bernard picked us up again to have a verry nice dinner at his house wich was prepared by his lovely wife Noami.

Sunday 9-4
Today the weather was nice, bright sun but in the morning NO WIND.
In the afternoon there were about 16 knots and small waves.
On the water I met one of my Dutch friends Coen Swijnenburg.
We surfed the whole afternoon and later on shore we talked about windsurfing.

Monday 9-5
Today I woke up and when I looked outside I saw wind!!!!
There were 28 knots and big waves!!
So I ate my breakfast really fast and ran to the beach with my surf gear to rig it.
I had to choose between my 7.0 and my 6.4.
I rigged my 6.4 and it turned out it was a good choise because the wind picked up to 30knots.
Coen and I surfed the whole day.
I loved the constand wind and the waves.

Tuesday 9-6
There were only 4 knots of constand wind today.
I went to Coen and because it was 30 degrees hot and we went swimming without a wetsuit.
At first it was really cold but after 10 minutes I was used to it.
At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon Jordy Vonk and his father arrived.
They brought my new North Sails Warp F2011, my new NS Platinum boom, Extension, Basplate and Mast from the Dutch North Sails dealer, Herman Van De Berg who owns Boardduru in the Netherlands.
Thanks for taking it with you Jordy and Rene (Jordy's dad)!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the evening, Jordy, Coen, our parents and I had a verry nice dinner in the harbour of Hyeres.
Wednesday 9-7
Today there were 33 knots of constant wind!!
I rigged my 6.4 but on the water I was overpowered!!
I surfed for a little while and after that I decided not to go on the water because with this wind I had  more chanse of breaking my Gear.
Today was the inscription day.

Thursday 9-8
The day started with 13 knots of wind and I rigged my Norh Sails Warp 7.0 and 7.8
I was in the first heat and I chose to go out with my 7.8 North and my 101 liter Isonic Woodcarbon 2010 with a 41 cm Select S10 fin.
At the starting boat there were 17 knots and on the course 13 knots.
I made it to the winners final and ended up 6th u 17 in the winers finals.
In the second elimination I made it to the winners final again and ended up 7th.
After that there was no wind so no more races for the day.

Friday-Sunday 9-9/11
All competitors in standby mode, we hoped for wind but it didn't come so we swam, paddleboarded and chilled those days.

The prizegiving on Sunday

8th u17
1 Arthur Arutkin
2 Coen swijnenburg
3 aron etmon (me)

I would like to thank the event organisation especially Bernard for the nice eventand picking me and my mom up and bringing uss to the airport.
And I would like to thank my sponsors verry much for helping me out: