Saturday, October 29, 2011

IFCA North American Championships Miami

Day 1
Today I registerd in the U15 class, saw some of my buddys and later on we had a race.
In the race there wasn't much wind so I had to pump alot with my 7.8 just like everybody els, I ended up 3rd in the u17 and 1st in the u15. After that we had a break and ate some nice food.
Later on we had 3 back to back races. The last races had a little more wind but...... we still had to pump alot!! I ended up 1st u15 and 3rd u17 in all the races!! I was verry happy with my result since I had some verry though competitors like Rens Grijpma, Jean Patrick van de wolde and Ethan Westera!

Day 2
When I came to the went site today there were 5 knots.
There wasn't much wind so I used my dad's biggest sail: 9.5!!!
We had six races today, four were canceld.
The results: 1 time 1st u17 and 1 time second u17!!
At the end of the day I changed to the u17 class because it was much to easy for me u15.

Day 3 ------ Last day of Windsurfing
Today there were about 2 knots at the beginning but later on the wind picked up to 15 knots!!
We surfed six heats and I did a good job u17
The results:

1st Ethan Westera
2nd Jean Patrick van de Wolde
3rd Aron Etmon!!!

I couldnt have done this without my sponsors: