Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heineken Regatta 2011

The course of the Heineken Regatta is a long distance/formula course.
I competed in the Long distance Class U17 because I didnt have a formula board and because if I would race in the U15 I would have no competition.

Heat 1
I was surfing with my dad's 9.5 and 131 L Isonic.
I started 3 seconds late and went allmost straight upwind.
When I was upwind there was 1 person in front of me, at the bouy I allmost got in front of him but then I made a Technical mistake because the wind changed.
I finished in 2nd

Heat 2
I surfed with the same set.
I started precisely on 0 seconds, I was in first and upwind the same guy that won me last time got in front of me, I got in front of him because I plained all the way to the bouy  and he didn't.
I pumped all the way back because the wind dropped to 8 knots and finished in 1st of all the classes!!!

Heat 3
I surfed with the same set but I had my 7.8 ready because the wind went up to 14
I started 1 second late but went fast to the bouy because there was much wind.
I finished in first of all the classes Again.

Heat 4
I started with about 9 knots.
When I was about halfway the wind suddenly went up to 20 and everyone was overpowerd.
I came in 2nd.

Heat 5
There were about 3 knots and I went with the same set because I had nothing bigger.
I came in last because I didnt round the bouy since I allmost couldn't go foward.
After the race I had a protest with 3 other guys because there was no wind.
but unfortionatly they didn't do anything.

The result was:
2nd place U17.

I would like to say thanks to all the organisers and the race comission for a really nice event.
And a big thanks to my sponsers: