Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sportman of the month

I am verry thankfull that I could be nominated again.
I did not win this time but hopefully I will next time!!

Surfing with Dorian Van Rijselberg

Today I met and surfed with the winner of the olympics in windsurfing!!!
It was a lot of fun!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miami Slalom 2012

Day 1
Today we waited and waited, played some soccer, and chilled.
I rigged my 8.6 in combination with my dad's 131L Starboard Isonic.
The organisation sent us out  and once again we waited and waited and at the end they started.
Unfortunately there was no wind so they canceled  the race.
The rest of the day there was no more wind.
Hopefully better tomorrow!!

Day 2
Today it looked like there was a little bit more than yesterday.
But unfortunately still not enough wind in the morning.
Than the wind picked up a little and the organisation told us that the wind was going to pick up later.
So I rigged my 8.6 and my dad's 131L board.

Heat 1:
In the start I miscalculated and ended up standing still.
Then I pumped like crazy and managed to make it from almost last place to 5th place in the men.
It wasn't such a good race for me so next heat I must do better...

Heat 2:
I had a good start and started in third place.
I was going full speed to the first mark and I was third at the mark.
I managed to stay in third place and to finish in third place in the men.
So a good race for me!!

Heat 3:
I had a awesome start and started as first.
Then after the first gijbe the pro's passed me because they were much faster.
Than the gijbe...
After the gijbe I passed one of the pro's and was in second.
I finished in second place in the men!!!
So a awesome heat for me!!!

Day 3
Today the wind was around 18 knots constant.
So enough wind to surf a few heats!!
I rigged my 8.6 together with my 117L because I thought: "Go big or go home"
I went out and it was the perfect combination for that wind!
In all the heats there were good surfing conditions.
In two heats there was a lot of sea-weed but everyone had the same problem....
So no problem!!
In the last three heats the wind dropped a bit so I took the 131L.
In all the heats I finished in third,fourth or sixth place in the men!!
So 1st in all the heats U17.

Final result: 1st U17 and 4th in the Men.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photoshoot with Edwin Smulders

Thanks a lot Edwin!!!


Aruba Rembrand Regatta

Day 1
I competed in the open class.
Today there was a lot of wind.
I rigged my 7.8 and my 97L Isonic.
We had about 25 knots constant and pretty irritating chops.
I was fullpower!!!
In the first heat I had a bad start and finished 3rd.
In the second and third heat it went a bit better and I finished 2nd
Then in the third heat I fell at the first bouy and I finished 6th.
In the fourth heat someone hit me and went out of controle...
Then he had to close his sail and he did a loop over the nose of my board.
I was scared because it all happened so fast.
That heat I finished 4th.
In the fifth heat I finished 2nd.
And in the Last heat I finished 1st because Ethe Westera was over early.

Day 2
Today we had the long distance but there were 5 knots...
I rigged my 8.6 with my 117L Isonic and the 44cm TectonicsTalon.
I had to pump all the way and still I wasn't plaining sometimes.
I finished 3rd that long distance.

The result:
2nd place

Bonaire Pro kids

Day 1
I was in the U17 class for Slalom and the U15 class for Freestyle.
Today I rigged my 8.6 with my 117L Isonic.
There was allmost no wind but they had a start.
I pumped and pumped so I could just plain.
I was the only one in my class that could plain.
So I was first.
After that they had us on hold for the whole day.
I talked to some of my freinds from Aruba and Bonaire.
And we waited the whole day but unfortunately no wind...

Day 2
Today the wind was low at first so they did the flow style in the morning.
In the first freestyle elimination they put me U17 and I told them they made a mistake because I was U15 for freestyle.
Then they told me I could compete the next elimination because the heats couldn't be changed.
So the first elimination I was last......
The second elimination I did some cool Cesar-style tricks and finished 2nd in the final.
Later the wind picked up and they started the slalom.
I was with 8.6 and 117 L Fullpower!!
I finished 1st all 6 races.
It was a lot of fun and a good competition racing U17.

Day 3
Today there were about 25 knots and I was doing slalom with my 7.8 and 117L Isonic with the 40cm Tectonics Talon.
Again I finished first in all the races.

The results:
3rd place freestyle U15 and 1st place slalom U17!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sylt surf cup presented by Flens

Day 1
Today we had some formula action, alot of fun but unfortunateley no wind.
The organisation tried everything they could but there was not enough wind to start the slalom.
So we wached the formula starts and hoped for wind but it didn't come.

Day 2
Today I surfed with my Starboard Isonic 117 with my 7.8
The wind was not high but it was high enough to do the slalom.
In the first heat I finished 8th and didn't make it trough because I was in one of the hardest heats against; Jordy vonk, Vincent Langer and those guys.
In the second elimination I came in 7th in the losers final.

Day 3
Today once again no wind.
They tried 2 strarts but no-one was plaining.

Day 4
Today I surfed with my 117 and 7.8 fullpower!!!\
There were about 17 knots of side/on shore wind.
We did 3 eliminations.
In the first eliminaton I had a good start, I tried my best and had some good jibes and came in 6th in the loser's final.
In the second elimination I came in 10th in the losers final because I fell at the last bouy.
In the third elimination I managed to make it to the winner's final.
I had a good start, on the way to the first bouy they went in front of me.
And then no wind......
That was where I passed them and I was 6th when.... the race was canceled :(
So it was a 7,5 in the results.
Result: 2nd slalom U17

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ifca Worlds Slalom Lake Garda, Italy

Day 1
Today we rigged our stuff and prepared for the race but unfortunateley we didn't surf because there was no wind.
I was surprised because the days we were training there were about 11-15 knots.
Hopefully tomorrow better!!

Day 2
Today we surfed with a max of 30 knots and about 16 knots constant.
I surfed all my heats with my 117 and  one heat with my 8.6
I made it through the first round with a 3rd place and I went to the winners final with a 4th place.
When I went upwind I broke a harness line so  I went back to shore to put on new ones.
When I was back upwind I was too late for the winners heat,
So after the first elimination round I ended up 10th U17 and 3rd U15.
I wished for more heats  but unfortunateley they didn't.
Tomorrow another day. I have to do better next eliminations.

Day 3
The forcast said that there would be wind
They started the women and heat 1,2 and 3 of masters.
But then the wind went down and there were no more starts.
Tomorrow skippersmeeting at 11:00

Day 4
Today there was a lot of wind so they completed the masters.
They started the 1st heat of Youth but then the wind went down so we didn't start again.
Tomorrow skippers meeting at 7AM, first possible start at 8AM.

Day 5
Today in the afternoon there was a lot of wind ( 30 knots max )
We didnt do anything in the morning.
But in the afternoon we did 1 elimination.
In the first heat I ended up 2nd
In the second heat I ended up 3rd
And in the winners final I ended up 6th U17 and 1st U15
Result: World Champion U15!!

Thanks to my sponsors:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Netherlands championships

Day 1
Today we did formula with about 8-9 knots and water of 20 degrees Celsius.
I met some Dutch friends and they explained me a little about the course. Later I rigged my 8.6.
In all the heats I came in 3rd to last.
I don’t have much experience with formula because I only train slalom and freestyle.

Day 2
Today I told myself: I am going to surf with my 9.5 no matter what.
And then: 20 knots constant.
In the heats I came in 6th to last and I felt that it went much better then yesterday.
Later the wind dropped to about 5-7 knots.
They tried to start us but no one was plaining.
So they sent us back to the shore.
Later we had to go to the start again and the same happened: no wind.
But then lightning and thunder came.
So we went back to shore as fast as we could.
It was a really great event with all the guys and I had a lot of fun!

A special thanks to my sponsors:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Prokids Ifca Freestyle Marseille, France

Friday June 22nd

Up until now there was no wind but anyway we all had fun on the beach.
The organisation is really good, lots of things are going on; Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Skateboarding, Bmx'ing and all day lots of entertainment.
I am competing in the U15 and the U17 class.
Today the wind was low, about 13 knots maximum.
I was against a guy from Italy in the first heat.
The first heat was really bad, there was no wind and they still started.
It was a gecko/flow style match.
I won the heat and advanced to heat #6, where I had to go against Smirnov, from Russia.
In heat #6 I had the same, no wind.
I lost that heat.
In the U17 I was in Heat #1 against Steven from Aruba.
I didn't plain so I couldn't jump.
Steven could because he weights about 52 kilo's, I weight 70.
So unfortunately I lost.

Special regards to miss Ghislaine and her students.

Day 2
Today they tried to do the double elimination.
I had my 4.7 and my 91L ready.
They did their best but unfortunately there was not enough wind to start: 8 knots
It was a really cool event with all the sports together, great organization!!

Also a special thanks to my sponsors!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Curacao Challenge 2012

Day 1
The first 2 days slalom was at St. Joris bay
Today I arrived at the event around 8:00.
I checked the wind and rigged my 7.0 and my 7.8 Severne Reflex III
I surfed with my 97L Starboard Isonic 2012 in combination with my 36cm Tectonics Talon and my 7.0.
At the skippers meeting they told us everything we needed to know about the races.
We did 3 heats in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
In the first heat I started 2 seconds late but I was much faster as the rest and finished 1 buoy length in front of the rest.
The same for heat 2 and heat 3.
But in heat 4 I had a perfect start and the jibes went great; 2 lay down jibes.
I finished 1st in heat 4.
In heat five and six the wind picked up a little........... fullpower!!!
Result after day one: 1st place

Day 2
Today it was less windy than day 1 so I rigged my 7.0 and my 7.8.
I surfed with my 117 Starboard Isonic 2012 in combination with my 44cm Tectonics Talon and my 7.8.
We did 3 heats in the morning and 3 heats in the afternoon
In the first heat I finished 1st
In the second heat I was 1st
In the third heat I was over early
In the fourth heat I had a good start and was first until the second buoy.
There was this really slow, not so good windsurfer which I didn't see until I was in the gibe.
I had two choices:hit him and keep going or carve too sharp and fall.
I took the second one of course...
And I fell, I tried to catch up, but the other guy was just too far in front.
So I finished 2nd.
The fifth and sixth heat I finished 1st.
Result after day one and day two: 1st place

Day 3
Today there was freestyle in the morning and slalom in the afternoon
I competed in the 14+ class in freestyle.
Unfortunately I didn't make it trough my heat.
Today Slalom was on the ocean.
There was like 30 knots!!!
I rigged my 6.2 and put my 36cm under my Isonic 97.
The heats were awesome!!!
3.5 meter high waves!
I came in first every heat.

Day 4
Today we did Slalom in the morning and Freestyle in the afternoon
Slalom was on the ocean.
Today there was even more wind and even higher waves!
I came in first every heat again.
Today I made it trough one heat with a clean flaka.
The rest of the heats I didn't make it trough.

A big thanks to my sponsors:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Curacao regatta 2012

The curacao regatta was from friday 6th of april till saturday 7th of april.

Day 1
Today there were o clouds and about 11 knots
So I rigged my dad's 9.5 and my formula board with a 70 cm fin.
The start was good and I ended up 2nd in the first race.
After the first race the wind picked up to 20 knots.
I rigged my 7.8 and in the race i was not overpowered.
I had a big crash at the 3rd length, I was going really fast and then my set started flying...
I tried to push it down but I fell. I had to swim to my gear.
The result: 3rd
On the third race things wet as planned and I came in 2nd.

Day 2
On the second day of the regatta there was less wind so I went with the 9.5 and the formula.
The first race was really good this day because I came in 2nd, with a total of  15 minutes earlier than the guy in third.
On the 2nd race I fell but I still managed to cach up.
I finished in 2nd that race.

The result:
2nd overall in the the open class!!
Thanks to my sponsers for helping me out!!

The second race

Monday, April 9, 2012

Downwind Slalom Spanish Waters

The day started off with about 21 knots and much sun.
I rigged my new 7.0 Severne Reflex 3 in combination withn my new Isonic 117L 2012.

1st Heat
In the first heat I started perfectly on time.
I was going to the first bouy while someone whas upwind of me,
the guy upwind of me took all my wind, but at the first bouy I jibed good so I went in front of the guy.
The rest of the race I was far in front of the rest of the people and I finished 1st.

2nd Heat
In this heat my start was pretty good and I was in front of everyone the whole race
I finished 1st
After this race we had a 20 min break.

3rd Heat
The wind picked up to 25 knots and I swiched my 117 for my 97.
At the start someone hit me with his boom and I allmost fell.
On the way to the 1st bouy I was in fourth, after the first bouy I was in third.
On the way to the second bouy I went much faster than the rest and I was 2nd after the 2nd bouy.
I stayed 2nd the rest of the race.

4th Heat
I started good and gave no one a chance to go upwind of me.
I was in first and at the end I came in first with one bouy length in front of everybody

At the end the result was:
1st place for me

I would like to thank my new sponsors:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 Hour Classic St.Joris Bay

The day started with cloudy sky's and around 17 knots.
I rigged my 7.8 in combonation with my Isonic 101 and a 41cm fin.
The four hour race is a race in wich you team up with someone and surf laps of a super 8 for four hours long.
I teamed up with Richard Konstapel and he did the start.

1st hour
In the first hour I only surfed 6 laps

2nd hour
In the second hour it was a battle between me and Jean Patrick Van De Wolde.
I did another 6 laps -_-

3rd hour
I swiched board for richard's 107 wood Isonic 2011 and suddenly I went much faster and had much more controle!!
I did a total of 8 laps

4th hour
This hour I did about 10 laps and I was overpowerd.

The result??
1st place for me and Richard Konstapel with a total of 91 laps!!!

Pic's coming soon!!!
A big thanks to all my sponsors!!