Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 Hour Classic St.Joris Bay

The day started with cloudy sky's and around 17 knots.
I rigged my 7.8 in combonation with my Isonic 101 and a 41cm fin.
The four hour race is a race in wich you team up with someone and surf laps of a super 8 for four hours long.
I teamed up with Richard Konstapel and he did the start.

1st hour
In the first hour I only surfed 6 laps

2nd hour
In the second hour it was a battle between me and Jean Patrick Van De Wolde.
I did another 6 laps -_-

3rd hour
I swiched board for richard's 107 wood Isonic 2011 and suddenly I went much faster and had much more controle!!
I did a total of 8 laps

4th hour
This hour I did about 10 laps and I was overpowerd.

The result??
1st place for me and Richard Konstapel with a total of 91 laps!!!

Pic's coming soon!!!
A big thanks to all my sponsors!!