Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Curacao regatta 2012

The curacao regatta was from friday 6th of april till saturday 7th of april.

Day 1
Today there were o clouds and about 11 knots
So I rigged my dad's 9.5 and my formula board with a 70 cm fin.
The start was good and I ended up 2nd in the first race.
After the first race the wind picked up to 20 knots.
I rigged my 7.8 and in the race i was not overpowered.
I had a big crash at the 3rd length, I was going really fast and then my set started flying...
I tried to push it down but I fell. I had to swim to my gear.
The result: 3rd
On the third race things wet as planned and I came in 2nd.

Day 2
On the second day of the regatta there was less wind so I went with the 9.5 and the formula.
The first race was really good this day because I came in 2nd, with a total of  15 minutes earlier than the guy in third.
On the 2nd race I fell but I still managed to cach up.
I finished in 2nd that race.

The result:
2nd overall in the the open class!!
Thanks to my sponsers for helping me out!!

The second race

Monday, April 9, 2012

Downwind Slalom Spanish Waters

The day started off with about 21 knots and much sun.
I rigged my new 7.0 Severne Reflex 3 in combination withn my new Isonic 117L 2012.

1st Heat
In the first heat I started perfectly on time.
I was going to the first bouy while someone whas upwind of me,
the guy upwind of me took all my wind, but at the first bouy I jibed good so I went in front of the guy.
The rest of the race I was far in front of the rest of the people and I finished 1st.

2nd Heat
In this heat my start was pretty good and I was in front of everyone the whole race
I finished 1st
After this race we had a 20 min break.

3rd Heat
The wind picked up to 25 knots and I swiched my 117 for my 97.
At the start someone hit me with his boom and I allmost fell.
On the way to the 1st bouy I was in fourth, after the first bouy I was in third.
On the way to the second bouy I went much faster than the rest and I was 2nd after the 2nd bouy.
I stayed 2nd the rest of the race.

4th Heat
I started good and gave no one a chance to go upwind of me.
I was in first and at the end I came in first with one bouy length in front of everybody

At the end the result was:
1st place for me

I would like to thank my new sponsors: