Friday, June 22, 2012

Prokids Ifca Freestyle Marseille, France

Friday June 22nd

Up until now there was no wind but anyway we all had fun on the beach.
The organisation is really good, lots of things are going on; Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Skateboarding, Bmx'ing and all day lots of entertainment.
I am competing in the U15 and the U17 class.
Today the wind was low, about 13 knots maximum.
I was against a guy from Italy in the first heat.
The first heat was really bad, there was no wind and they still started.
It was a gecko/flow style match.
I won the heat and advanced to heat #6, where I had to go against Smirnov, from Russia.
In heat #6 I had the same, no wind.
I lost that heat.
In the U17 I was in Heat #1 against Steven from Aruba.
I didn't plain so I couldn't jump.
Steven could because he weights about 52 kilo's, I weight 70.
So unfortunately I lost.

Special regards to miss Ghislaine and her students.

Day 2
Today they tried to do the double elimination.
I had my 4.7 and my 91L ready.
They did their best but unfortunately there was not enough wind to start: 8 knots
It was a really cool event with all the sports together, great organization!!

Also a special thanks to my sponsors!!!