Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ifca Worlds Slalom Lake Garda, Italy

Day 1
Today we rigged our stuff and prepared for the race but unfortunateley we didn't surf because there was no wind.
I was surprised because the days we were training there were about 11-15 knots.
Hopefully tomorrow better!!

Day 2
Today we surfed with a max of 30 knots and about 16 knots constant.
I surfed all my heats with my 117 and  one heat with my 8.6
I made it through the first round with a 3rd place and I went to the winners final with a 4th place.
When I went upwind I broke a harness line so  I went back to shore to put on new ones.
When I was back upwind I was too late for the winners heat,
So after the first elimination round I ended up 10th U17 and 3rd U15.
I wished for more heats  but unfortunateley they didn't.
Tomorrow another day. I have to do better next eliminations.

Day 3
The forcast said that there would be wind
They started the women and heat 1,2 and 3 of masters.
But then the wind went down and there were no more starts.
Tomorrow skippersmeeting at 11:00

Day 4
Today there was a lot of wind so they completed the masters.
They started the 1st heat of Youth but then the wind went down so we didn't start again.
Tomorrow skippers meeting at 7AM, first possible start at 8AM.

Day 5
Today in the afternoon there was a lot of wind ( 30 knots max )
We didnt do anything in the morning.
But in the afternoon we did 1 elimination.
In the first heat I ended up 2nd
In the second heat I ended up 3rd
And in the winners final I ended up 6th U17 and 1st U15
Result: World Champion U15!!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Netherlands championships

Day 1
Today we did formula with about 8-9 knots and water of 20 degrees Celsius.
I met some Dutch friends and they explained me a little about the course. Later I rigged my 8.6.
In all the heats I came in 3rd to last.
I don’t have much experience with formula because I only train slalom and freestyle.

Day 2
Today I told myself: I am going to surf with my 9.5 no matter what.
And then: 20 knots constant.
In the heats I came in 6th to last and I felt that it went much better then yesterday.
Later the wind dropped to about 5-7 knots.
They tried to start us but no one was plaining.
So they sent us back to the shore.
Later we had to go to the start again and the same happened: no wind.
But then lightning and thunder came.
So we went back to shore as fast as we could.
It was a really great event with all the guys and I had a lot of fun!

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