Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photoshoot with Edwin Smulders

Thanks a lot Edwin!!!


Aruba Rembrand Regatta

Day 1
I competed in the open class.
Today there was a lot of wind.
I rigged my 7.8 and my 97L Isonic.
We had about 25 knots constant and pretty irritating chops.
I was fullpower!!!
In the first heat I had a bad start and finished 3rd.
In the second and third heat it went a bit better and I finished 2nd
Then in the third heat I fell at the first bouy and I finished 6th.
In the fourth heat someone hit me and went out of controle...
Then he had to close his sail and he did a loop over the nose of my board.
I was scared because it all happened so fast.
That heat I finished 4th.
In the fifth heat I finished 2nd.
And in the Last heat I finished 1st because Ethe Westera was over early.

Day 2
Today we had the long distance but there were 5 knots...
I rigged my 8.6 with my 117L Isonic and the 44cm TectonicsTalon.
I had to pump all the way and still I wasn't plaining sometimes.
I finished 3rd that long distance.

The result:
2nd place

Bonaire Pro kids

Day 1
I was in the U17 class for Slalom and the U15 class for Freestyle.
Today I rigged my 8.6 with my 117L Isonic.
There was allmost no wind but they had a start.
I pumped and pumped so I could just plain.
I was the only one in my class that could plain.
So I was first.
After that they had us on hold for the whole day.
I talked to some of my freinds from Aruba and Bonaire.
And we waited the whole day but unfortunately no wind...

Day 2
Today the wind was low at first so they did the flow style in the morning.
In the first freestyle elimination they put me U17 and I told them they made a mistake because I was U15 for freestyle.
Then they told me I could compete the next elimination because the heats couldn't be changed.
So the first elimination I was last......
The second elimination I did some cool Cesar-style tricks and finished 2nd in the final.
Later the wind picked up and they started the slalom.
I was with 8.6 and 117 L Fullpower!!
I finished 1st all 6 races.
It was a lot of fun and a good competition racing U17.

Day 3
Today there were about 25 knots and I was doing slalom with my 7.8 and 117L Isonic with the 40cm Tectonics Talon.
Again I finished first in all the races.

The results:
3rd place freestyle U15 and 1st place slalom U17!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sylt surf cup presented by Flens

Day 1
Today we had some formula action, alot of fun but unfortunateley no wind.
The organisation tried everything they could but there was not enough wind to start the slalom.
So we wached the formula starts and hoped for wind but it didn't come.

Day 2
Today I surfed with my Starboard Isonic 117 with my 7.8
The wind was not high but it was high enough to do the slalom.
In the first heat I finished 8th and didn't make it trough because I was in one of the hardest heats against; Jordy vonk, Vincent Langer and those guys.
In the second elimination I came in 7th in the losers final.

Day 3
Today once again no wind.
They tried 2 strarts but no-one was plaining.

Day 4
Today I surfed with my 117 and 7.8 fullpower!!!\
There were about 17 knots of side/on shore wind.
We did 3 eliminations.
In the first eliminaton I had a good start, I tried my best and had some good jibes and came in 6th in the loser's final.
In the second elimination I came in 10th in the losers final because I fell at the last bouy.
In the third elimination I managed to make it to the winner's final.
I had a good start, on the way to the first bouy they went in front of me.
And then no wind......
That was where I passed them and I was 6th when.... the race was canceled :(
So it was a 7,5 in the results.
Result: 2nd slalom U17