Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miami Slalom 2012

Day 1
Today we waited and waited, played some soccer, and chilled.
I rigged my 8.6 in combination with my dad's 131L Starboard Isonic.
The organisation sent us out  and once again we waited and waited and at the end they started.
Unfortunately there was no wind so they canceled  the race.
The rest of the day there was no more wind.
Hopefully better tomorrow!!

Day 2
Today it looked like there was a little bit more than yesterday.
But unfortunately still not enough wind in the morning.
Than the wind picked up a little and the organisation told us that the wind was going to pick up later.
So I rigged my 8.6 and my dad's 131L board.

Heat 1:
In the start I miscalculated and ended up standing still.
Then I pumped like crazy and managed to make it from almost last place to 5th place in the men.
It wasn't such a good race for me so next heat I must do better...

Heat 2:
I had a good start and started in third place.
I was going full speed to the first mark and I was third at the mark.
I managed to stay in third place and to finish in third place in the men.
So a good race for me!!

Heat 3:
I had a awesome start and started as first.
Then after the first gijbe the pro's passed me because they were much faster.
Than the gijbe...
After the gijbe I passed one of the pro's and was in second.
I finished in second place in the men!!!
So a awesome heat for me!!!

Day 3
Today the wind was around 18 knots constant.
So enough wind to surf a few heats!!
I rigged my 8.6 together with my 117L because I thought: "Go big or go home"
I went out and it was the perfect combination for that wind!
In all the heats there were good surfing conditions.
In two heats there was a lot of sea-weed but everyone had the same problem....
So no problem!!
In the last three heats the wind dropped a bit so I took the 131L.
In all the heats I finished in third,fourth or sixth place in the men!!
So 1st in all the heats U17.

Final result: 1st U17 and 4th in the Men.