Friday, November 8, 2013

Miami Slalom Open 2013

In first place, leading the men!!

Leading The pro's!!!!

Miami was hot and I was flaming!!!!
In the tree days we had 1 day of funraces with 3 knots at the start line and 1 day of racing with 8-14 knots!!
The fun races were a lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of experience.
we did 3 funraces in wich I was all 1st place in the Pro men!!!!! I pumped as if my life was depending on it and beat everyone, being the earliest plainer and 78kgs with only a 8.6 Reflex 4, my Severne Reflex 4 reacted and flexed awesome, giving me the power I needed for early plaining.
I was really happy with my result!! :)
The day after, at the last moment, the real competition!!
I was the first one on the water, testing the course in minimal conditions, at the start boat around 11Am waiting till 1, getting lunch and then immedeately going on the water again from 2 till 6:30
I had a feeling that I wanted to surf even though there was no wind, so I kept on surfing :)
There were 3 starts and again a awesome result becoming, 2nd,3rd in two heats beating Sean O'Brien in a heat and sticking close to Kurosh Kiani, even though there was a lot of seaweedin the water and on my fin!!
Then the last Heat I was a bit too excited and went over early by 0.05 seconds -,-'

So the results of the event:
1st place in the fun race
3rd place in the official races beating Professional and Brandmate Sean O'Brien!!!

Third place!!!!
Me on top of the starting line!

Lifestyle Pic!!
Testing the course and surfing all day, even though there was no wind :)

Just behind Kurosh Kiany at the first bouy!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IFCA World Championships 2013

Hi all,
Turkey was awesome!!! I was the youngest in the U17 class.
On the first day I was in 1st place in front of Jurgen Saragosa and Coen Swijnenburg, it was a really tight competition between us but I managed to stay in front.
After that I crashed at a buoy in one race, hit a plastic bag at the start of the other etc.
I had awesome starts all the races but made some mistakes and I couldn't make it back to the top.
The result: Third Place Under 17!!!
For my first year in U17 with my result I reached my goal: top 3 U17.
Congrats to Jurgen And Coen with their results.
Next year I am still under 17 and most of the competition will be gone to under 20.
Next year in the U17 class among others I will have to face Lars van Someren from Holland and Gunther Landwier from Bonaire good luck to them!!!

After the event I had some awesome training sessions with Jimmy Diaz and current world champion under 20 Poyraz!!
We trained 3 days, with all kinds of conditions; 8.6-7.0!!
It was awesome training with Jimmy, I learned a lot!!

On the 7th of August  I will be moving to Bonaire to train with the professionals and become even better!!!

A big thanks to my sponsors: Severne Sails, Insel Air, Netvision, Princess Sport
And a special thanks to KLM for helping us out with the transportation of our gear.

Below are some links where i'm mentioned in or are about me and some pictures.

http://curacaosport.com/aron-etmon-derde-op-wk-u17-in-turkije/ (Local news websites)

http://ifca.internationalwindsurfing.com/page0283v01.htm (Interview and surfing at the day 2 movie)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1st Place on the new Severne Reflex 4's!!!

Today was awesome!!!!
I got my new sails a few days ago and I went to the beach immediately to tune them!!!
I got them perfectly tuned at the 4th time back to the beach, so easy!!!
The new Reflex 4's are so fast, light and easy to handle, I couldn't believe it was so perfect!
Then 2 days later we had a small competition with 16 people.
I rigged my new Severne Reflex 4 7.0 in combination with my Starboard Isonic 97L and a 38cm fin.
Later I went out to test it and it was perfect!!!!
After the first 3 heats I already had two 1st places in my pocket!
I had a tough fight against my teammates Jean Patrick van der Wolde (Cur 191) and Milan Gieling (Cur 28) both 17 yeard old, but still won them because of the speed I got from my new sail.
In the last races the wind dropped a bit and I was a bit underpoweren but I came in second a few times, third and 1 time I made the start a little to sharp so I was over early... oops!
But the overall result was:
1st place!!!!
This is a awesome start of the season with my Reflex 4's!!!

I would like to thank Ben Severne and Steve Allen a lot, because without them I would never have gotten my New sails in time to tune them before the IFCA World Championships in Turkey since I am travelling there in 2 weeks!
And you guys probably figured it out by now but I am now a Severne Sails International Team Rider!!!!!!


Monday, March 4, 2013

St Joris fun race

It was awesome at St joris today!!
Even though there were around 15 knots we were competing 6 heats in +/- 2 hours and it was still a really fun race.
I was on my 107 with my 7.8 Reflex 3, I was a bit under-powered sometimes but in the gusts it was perfect!
I had awesome starts and super fast board speed!!!
Result: 2nd place in the Pro Men class

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saint Barth fun cup 2013

Day 1
Today, after a whole day of travelling by plane with our sponsor Insel Air, by car and by boat I finally arrived in Saint Barth.
We travelled together with Professional Taty Frans from Bonaire.
In the morning we came to the airport with 10 board-bags to travel to Saint Maarten. We traveled really nice and without any problems with our sponsor Insel Air. Thanks Insel Air, everything came in one piece!!!!
After the flight we had to wait about 1 and a half hours for our transportation to arrive.
after that the transportation brought us to the boat. The boat took us to Saint Barth where we were picked up by the organisation of this event. Everything went without problem and a really nice organisation.
see you tomorrow!!

Day 2

Today I woke up with a amazing view!!!!
It was so nice that we could sleep the first night in the organisation villa.
The whole day was waiting and waiting for wind and.... it didn't show up.....
I went out 1 time with my 7.8 Severne Reflex 3 and my 117L but when I was outside  the wind dropped from 14 knots to 1 knot.
So I spent 30 minutes going back not plaining -,-
After that I in-scripted there was a nice opening ceremony.
till tomorrow!!

Day 3/ Event Day 1

Today there was not too much wind in the morning so they postponed us.
In the mean time I was talking to my friend Taty Frans from Bonaire and to Bjorn Dunkerbeck and his assistant Victor, they were all very helpful and gave me a lot of tips to go faster, thanks!!
Victor later checked my sail if it was tuned correctly and he said It was perfect, thanks for checking Victor!
Later on the day the wind picked up to about 10-15 knots and we did a few heats.
In the Men Class I finished 16th and in the Youth I finished 2nd, I am very happy with this result as my expectations were that I was going to be one of the last.
Hasta la ma├▒ana, Aron

Day 4/ event Day 2
I woke up and... wow I saw wind, a lot of it!!!!!
So I quickly ate and went to the beach, at the beach there were about 17-20 knots so I rigged my 8.6 Severne Reflex 3 together with my 117L Isonic and went out.
Outside I was going fullpower!!!!
And then we did a race... I was really fast at the first jibe mark, I think I passed about 8-15 people there!
The next race I was on the same set but the wind picked up to 20-25 knots! I was really overpowered.
Then after that race I switched my 117L for my 107L Starboard Isonic and went out again.
I noticed that the wind became a steady 25 knots... I was still really overpowered!! But I had just amazing speed, the fastest I ever went!!! In the third race I just passed a lot of people on speed. Really awesome!!

Day 5/ event Day 3
Today there was NO wind.......
We waited till 1:00 and there wasn't any wind so, I started to pack my gear.
In the evening we did a Sup race and my team won!!

2nd place U20
16th place Overall
1st place Sup Race

I would like to thank all my sponsors because without them I wouldn't be able to do this.
Thanks to Nancy for all the awesome photo's!
And a special thanks to Severne for supporting me with my sails!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Formula ocean training

Today I did a formula ocean training together with teammate Jean Patrick van der Wolde.
The wind was a steady 16 knots and gusts till 20 knots!! I was surfing with my 9.5 fullpower!
I am the guy with the black and white sail.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Starboard Isonic!!

A week ago I got my new Starboard Isonic 117L carbon and 107L carbon.
I tested them and loved them, especially the 107L.
The 107 was super fast and easy to jibe and control!!
Thanks Windsurfing Curacao!!