Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1st Place on the new Severne Reflex 4's!!!

Today was awesome!!!!
I got my new sails a few days ago and I went to the beach immediately to tune them!!!
I got them perfectly tuned at the 4th time back to the beach, so easy!!!
The new Reflex 4's are so fast, light and easy to handle, I couldn't believe it was so perfect!
Then 2 days later we had a small competition with 16 people.
I rigged my new Severne Reflex 4 7.0 in combination with my Starboard Isonic 97L and a 38cm fin.
Later I went out to test it and it was perfect!!!!
After the first 3 heats I already had two 1st places in my pocket!
I had a tough fight against my teammates Jean Patrick van der Wolde (Cur 191) and Milan Gieling (Cur 28) both 17 yeard old, but still won them because of the speed I got from my new sail.
In the last races the wind dropped a bit and I was a bit underpoweren but I came in second a few times, third and 1 time I made the start a little to sharp so I was over early... oops!
But the overall result was:
1st place!!!!
This is a awesome start of the season with my Reflex 4's!!!

I would like to thank Ben Severne and Steve Allen a lot, because without them I would never have gotten my New sails in time to tune them before the IFCA World Championships in Turkey since I am travelling there in 2 weeks!
And you guys probably figured it out by now but I am now a Severne Sails International Team Rider!!!!!!