Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IFCA World Championships 2013

Hi all,
Turkey was awesome!!! I was the youngest in the U17 class.
On the first day I was in 1st place in front of Jurgen Saragosa and Coen Swijnenburg, it was a really tight competition between us but I managed to stay in front.
After that I crashed at a buoy in one race, hit a plastic bag at the start of the other etc.
I had awesome starts all the races but made some mistakes and I couldn't make it back to the top.
The result: Third Place Under 17!!!
For my first year in U17 with my result I reached my goal: top 3 U17.
Congrats to Jurgen And Coen with their results.
Next year I am still under 17 and most of the competition will be gone to under 20.
Next year in the U17 class among others I will have to face Lars van Someren from Holland and Gunther Landwier from Bonaire good luck to them!!!

After the event I had some awesome training sessions with Jimmy Diaz and current world champion under 20 Poyraz!!
We trained 3 days, with all kinds of conditions; 8.6-7.0!!
It was awesome training with Jimmy, I learned a lot!!

On the 7th of August  I will be moving to Bonaire to train with the professionals and become even better!!!

A big thanks to my sponsors: Severne Sails, Insel Air, Netvision, Princess Sport
And a special thanks to KLM for helping us out with the transportation of our gear.

Below are some links where i'm mentioned in or are about me and some pictures.

http://curacaosport.com/aron-etmon-derde-op-wk-u17-in-turkije/ (Local news websites)

http://ifca.internationalwindsurfing.com/page0283v01.htm (Interview and surfing at the day 2 movie)