Friday, November 8, 2013

Miami Slalom Open 2013

In first place, leading the men!!

Leading The pro's!!!!

Miami was hot and I was flaming!!!!
In the tree days we had 1 day of funraces with 3 knots at the start line and 1 day of racing with 8-14 knots!!
The fun races were a lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of experience.
we did 3 funraces in wich I was all 1st place in the Pro men!!!!! I pumped as if my life was depending on it and beat everyone, being the earliest plainer and 78kgs with only a 8.6 Reflex 4, my Severne Reflex 4 reacted and flexed awesome, giving me the power I needed for early plaining.
I was really happy with my result!! :)
The day after, at the last moment, the real competition!!
I was the first one on the water, testing the course in minimal conditions, at the start boat around 11Am waiting till 1, getting lunch and then immedeately going on the water again from 2 till 6:30
I had a feeling that I wanted to surf even though there was no wind, so I kept on surfing :)
There were 3 starts and again a awesome result becoming, 2nd,3rd in two heats beating Sean O'Brien in a heat and sticking close to Kurosh Kiani, even though there was a lot of seaweedin the water and on my fin!!
Then the last Heat I was a bit too excited and went over early by 0.05 seconds -,-'

So the results of the event:
1st place in the fun race
3rd place in the official races beating Professional and Brandmate Sean O'Brien!!!

Third place!!!!
Me on top of the starting line!

Lifestyle Pic!!
Testing the course and surfing all day, even though there was no wind :)

Just behind Kurosh Kiany at the first bouy!!