Saturday, February 8, 2014

St. Barth Fun Cup 2014

Saint Jean Beach, St. Barth

Bjorn Dunkerbeck and me!

Wednesday January 29,
Yesterday was a whole day of travelling together with pro Taty Frans; from Bonaire to Curacao with Insel Air. On Curacao Jean Paul da Silva de Goes joined us and again we flew with Insel Air from Curacao to St. Marten and from St Marten to St. Barth with the Great Bay ferry on a very rough sea, it was a long but fun day!
Thank you Insel Air for sponsoring and the transport of the surf bags of the Bonaire and Curacao team and for transporting all gear sharp on time.
We checked in at our hotel: Hotel Le P'tit Morne, one of the sponsors of the St Barth event, from our room we had a nice view of the ocean. We had a nice dinner and went to sleep on time.

Me going coming to shore after a tiring heat

Thursday January 30, Inscription Day
After a nice breakfast with French baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolates, men I love those, I rigged my gear to test.
Also Victor and I repaired some of my gear, thanks Victor and Bjorn for helping me out!!! I did some training rounds. I went out with my Severne Sails Reflex 4 and my Starboard iSonic 107L, the waves where very high and there was a lot of wind. I had a great time surfing with the Pro riders on the blue waters of Saint Jean Bay  :-) Now I have to get some rest for tomorrow, cause it's going to be big!

The 1st jibe, I am 2nd rider top left to the yellow buoy.

Friday January 31, Racing Day 1
With almost 70 competitors and 8 professionals from all over the world, I competed in Pro among them Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Taty Frans, Antoinne Questel, Pierre Mortefon and Alexandre Cousin. Also Sarah Quita Offringa from Aruba. The St Barth Fun Cup has a Youth class as well in which I automatically competed in. Today we raced 3 long distance heats. The conditions where 25-30 knots and a rough sea with waves up to 5 meters high.
In the 1st race I had a catapult at the 1st reach but I still managed to finish in 11th place!!
At shore, more bad luck: someones sail flew and hit my sail in someone's fin which cut my sail.
Luckily Nancy, mom of my teammate from Curacao Jean Paul was there to sew and tape my sail back together again so it would hold for upcoming heats, which it did, Thanks Nancy!!
The other 2 races I was stoked because I was faster then ever before on my Severne Reflex 4 7.0 / iSonic 107 and 97L and ended the day with a 12th place Overall and 2nd place in the Youth class.

An awesome start passing the speed boat!!!

Saturday, February 1, Racing Day 2
After loads of homemade pasta and a good night sleep in beautiful Hotel Le P'tit Morne, I woke up and was looking forward to race again with the Pro's.
Today we had cloudy weather with rain and less wind than yesterday (about 18-25 knots) and I rigged my 7.8 Severne Reflex 4 / iSonic 107L.
The 7.8 gave me the power I needed even in the wind holes of 11 knots.
At the first start I was going full speed to the starting line and when I started behind the speed boat I saw Taty in front of me, so I thought "where are all the other pro's??" Then I looked down- and upwind but saw nobody, that's when I realised "wow, bro, second place... radical dude!!!!!", the first to catch me was Antoinne Questel and after the first buoy, Pierre Mortefon and Alexandre Cousin passed me. I guess I have to train a bit more to stay in front of the big guys.
With a 2nd place start and a 5th place start I managed to climb up the rankings and I am now 11th place Overall!!!!
In the evening we had a great buffet at restaurant La Plage, food was gooodddd, music fun. And on top of that  I won a cool t-shirt since I am 2nd in Youth.
The ABC Team: from left to right: Sarah-Quita, me, my little brother Oscar Etmon, Taty and Jean Paul

Sunday, February 2, Racing day 3
When I arrived on the beach there was no wind, so I rigged my 8.6 Severne Reflex 4 with my 107L iSonic since the wind outside, the starting line is about 25 minutes upwind, can suddenly pick up.
When I was at the start I saw other Pro's also surfing with 8.6..... I was like "okayyyy, this is suicide.... "
After all I was just a little overpowered. The heats were awesome since I finished 8th place in the last one!
The Final Result: 2nd place in the Youth and 12th place Overall!!!!
The Saint-Barth Fun Cup 2014 is my first race of this year, I hope I can keep up this level in upcoming events. It was a super experience and I am very thankful I got the chance to race with legends and pro's and I learned a lot.

A big thank you to my sponsors: Severne Sails, Insel Air, Princess Traveller and Netvision. Without their help this trip wouldn't be possible. 
And of course special thanks to the organisation, Arnaud, Antoine, all others and all volunteers of the Saint- Barth Fun Cup 2014. The whole team had a great time, the event was well organised, all people very helpful and nice and the food was good! We will be back next year!

For more information; http://www.saintbarthfuncup.com/  Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/saintbarthfuncup