Sunday, June 29, 2014

IFCA worlds Spain

The IFCA World Championships Slalom Youth, Juniors and Masters in Roses, Spain are over.
As there was really light wind the first day, I could not plane at most buoys.... Inside the course there were wind-holes of 6-8 knots in which, the more heavier riders like me, had to pump the whole way.
On the second day of racing the wind was better and I came in 2nd in the first heat and 1st in the semi finals. Of course I was very happy with these results.
In the Winners finals I had to score a top 5 position to become World Champion U17... due to lack of wind this final was postponed to the next day.
On our last racing day, in the afternoon the wind finally came with about 11 knots. My start was perfect, on 0 second but there was an OCS. At the second start I was 3th, lost speed and then at the the first buoy someone had a catapult, I managed to pass him but had a nosedive and crashed also. I got up fast, tried to catch up and passed 3 riders. At the last buoy I had to pump like crazy again and because of that I was a few meters short to pass the #5 rider and ended 6th place..... I was really disappointed.
I came in 2nd place Under 17 with 1 point behind the winner: Marc Pare from Spain. Since we raced with the U20 as well I was 7th in the U20 class as the youngest in the top 10!
Congratulations to Marc Pare Rico and Jimmy Thieme with their result.
Last but surely not least I would like to thank all my sponsors and my dad for supporting me and next year I'm going for top 3 under 20!!