Sunday, August 3, 2014

PWA Fuerteventura 2014

The PWA Slalom in Fuerteventura was a great learning experience! It was like nothing I've ever experienced before!
My was not becoming last, and passing at least 1 round. I came in 51st place so I reached  my first goal, but as for my goal of passing at least one round, I could not reach it this time.. with 2 5th places in the first round I was so close, but just not good enough. I was surely bummed out by this, but this just shows that the level is higher than I am and that I have to train even more, to pass a round and reach my goals!
I've learned a lot from my mistakes and will not make them ever again!

During the Slalom competition, Taty Frans and Amado Vrieswijk told me to inscribe for the freestyle. They told me this would help me get not only more experience in Slalom but aswell in Freestyle. Taty Frans walked with me and to my luck there were 2 windsurfers that cancelled, so there were 2 spots free, thanks to Mr. Taty Frans and Mr. Bjorn Dunkerbeck the PWA put me on the list of freestyle and gave me a wild card on the spot!!
As I never expected something like this, I had no expectations whatsoever for this discipline. During the competition my friends Amado Vrieswijk and Kiri Thode helped me a lot explaining how the PWA judges and scores your moves. In the end I came in 33rd place!! I was happy with this, and upcoming year I will surely be training a lot more freestyle to hopefully get a better result the next event I compete in! It's amazing to see how much I've learned in this competition!
Congratulations to Amado Vrieswijk, Taty Frans and Kiri Thode with their results!!