Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015

Day 1 - Inscription.
No wind, so we inscribed and chilled a bit... Hopefully some more wind tomorrow!! Also some nice pictures by Marc van Swoll/ Younieq Experiences!

Day 2 - Yet another day without wind...
But we made the most out of it!!
We went surfing with our freestyle boards and joined the sup race!!
My team came in 5th in the winners final! All in all we had lots of fun, hopefully more wind tomorrow!

Day 3 - Waves!
Today there were light wind conditions... But we made the most out of it!! 

I went surfing with a stand up paddle board, it was sick! Hopefully there will be more wind tomorrow! Above a picture of me surfing on the sup board.

Day 4 - Wind!
Today the conditions were good and we did 4 races.
The first two races went ok but they could've been better... But the last two races went great!! I got in 1st place in Youth and 16th place overall!!
Also congratulations to Taty Frans with his victory and Amado Vrieswijk - NB20 with his 8th place overall!