Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lions Cup 2015

Last weekend we had the Lions Cup event on Sorobon.
It was a nice event and I had a lot of fun competing with all the guys! In the morning we did slalom and in the afternoon freestyle.
It was a long battle between Jurgen and me for first place in Slalom. In the end I came in 2nd which was not too bad.
In freestyle I was facing Cheppi in the first round an went to the losers final. In the losers final I won and I came in 4th place overall.
All in all it could have been better, but i'm happy with my result!!
I would like to congratulate Jurgen Saragoza with his first place in Youth slalom and Stepherd Cheppi Gustowski with his 1st place in the freestyle! Also congratz to Taty Frans who owned this competition in the pro category, winning first place in slalom as well as in freestyle!
Cool pictures by Marc van Swoll/ Younieq Experiences!!!