Friday, June 19, 2015

PWA Costa Brava

Day 1, Chilling day.

Unfortunately there was no wind today, but I had fun chilling with the rest of the Bonaire crew!!
Funny enough they asked us about what we do to get in our zone before the race, the result:
The Bonaire and Curacao Crew: Taty Frans (Starboard / GA Sails / Mystic), Amado Vrieswijk - NB20 (JP / Severne), Ethan westera(Starboard / GA Sails), Aron Etmon (Starboard / Severne / Dunkerbeck Eyewear): “Eat rice with chicken! Listen to some music like Drake or something similar.”
Thanks to my mom for making food for everyone, it was delicious!!
Hopefully we will get some wind later on in the event, I'll keep you guys updated!!

Day 2, Sailing!!
In the morning we started off with a skippers meeting at 10:00, followed by chilling / on standby till 1:15. Around one o'clock the wind picked up and I got my gear ready for some action!!
We finished 1 full elimination and did the first round of the second elimination.
In the first elimination my start was not the best, I managed to get back a bit but I just didn't have enough speed,I finished in 7th.
In the second elimination the wind picked up and I took my 7.8 Severne Sails Reflex 6 and my Starboard iSonic 97L, this is a perfect combo!!
My start was good, and my speed was great!! I Jibed in 5th place and the guy in front of me stopped plaining, because I made a short jibe I had to stop to avoid a collision with the dude, I finished in 5th place just missing the finals.

Hopefully tomorrow better!!

Day 3 and 4, No Wind
On the third and fourth day of the PWA Costa Brava there was not enough wind to start, so I played cards, body-boarded and surfed as there were some decent sized waves!
My sails are ready waiting for the wind!!
Hopefully more wind the next days!!

Day 5 and 6
On the 5th day there was no wind yet again so I chilled and prepared mentally for the race i was going to sail next.
Finally, on day 6 there was wind! I was in Heat 2 together with Amado Vrieswijk - NB20. I got stuck in the harness lines while jibing before the start, so i started 20 seconds late... In the end i passed a lot of guys finishing 5th in that heat! I was so mad at myself for falling at the start...
And then they started a fourth elimination, where i had a great start. I arrived 7th at the first mark but made a big jibe avoiding the windhole and passing everybody that got stuck in the windhole!!
in the end finished in 3rd place in that heat just passing someone at the last mark and almost passing Tomas van Zelst / Ned-28 who was going really fast even though the conditions were light on the last reach! Sadly they couldn't finish the 4th elimination so it doesn't count in the ranking frown emoticon
I would like to thank my sponsors: Dunkerbeck Eyewear, Starboard, Severne Sails, Netvision, KLM and Insel Air
Up next: Fuerteventura for the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge , stay tuned!