Tuesday, August 25, 2015

PWA Alacati

Day 1 of the PWA Slalom in Alacati, preparation day...
On the first day of the PWA worldtour here in Alacati there was not enough wind.
We inscribed in the morning, played cards and organised our gear tents (we're 5 people in two tents) so now we can get all our gear out of the tent with ease!
Tomorrow the direction will turn to the good direction for the summer here, so all we're gonna need is a few more knots!!

Day 2
Today in the morning we got some wind from the wrong direction but it was not enough to sail...
In the afternoon the wind was turning and turning untill it finally settled at the northerly direction. About a hour later the wind picked up and it was enough to go for a sail with my Severne Sails reflex 5 8.6 and Starboard Isonic 117.
Everyone got ready to start but the wind was not enough to race in...
Tomorrow the forecast is looking good so let's keep our fingers crossed for some wind!
Day 3
The day started with a light breeze from the northerly direction, later in the day the wind picked up and we raced.
I had a great start and was 2nd at the first bouy behind Steve Allen, where I was having a great jibe until when I flipped the sail the boom slipped out of my hands... At that moment Aron realized he f****d up.
After that I was 8th and passed two guys finishing in 6th place.
Not such a good result but I'm positive that I'll do better tomorrow!

Day 4
Today in the morning there was no wind so we had some time to chill.. Although the wind was teasing us all in the end the wind never showed up and they canceled it for the day.
Day 5
The forecast for today was looking good, so when I arrived at the beach I expected wind! But unfortunately there was no wind in the morning.
Around 12 the wind picked up and we had a elimination in 7-13 knots. I was in heat 6... I had a good start and managed to stay in front of Maciek who was just upwind of me and came in 4th at the first buoy, passed another dude and stayed in 3rd place!
The PWA wrote:
13:36 Heat 6 is now sailing - Kayin with the best start, but at the first it's Van der Steen followed by Martini, Kayin and Etmon.
13:37 The wind is now 12-16 knots.
13:38 Van der Steen with an easy lead over Martini, Etmon and Rutkowski.
13:39 Result Heat 6 - 1st Van der Steen 2nd Martini 3rd Etmon 4th Rutkowski
In the quarter finals I had a okay start but the down-haul rope broke after the 2nd mark.... I finished in 6th place.
In the 2nd elimination of today I did not have such a good start and was 6th place until the 2nd buoy where I got a nose dive in the jibe.
I was in last but managed to get back to 6th place.

Day 6
On the last day of the PWA Slalom in Alacati we did one elimination, the wind was very light but after 15 resails we finally got it...
In my heat I was in 3rd place at the bouy, but I mad a mistake and was jibing in someone's spray. As a result I went from 3rd place to 6th place, i could not make it back to the front and finished 6th.
After the 4 eliminations I finished in 43rd place for this Event, it was not my best result but I'm happy with it, next year I will do better!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

PWA Fuerteventura

The day after..... the PWA World Windsurfing tour Fuerteventura!
10 days of hard core competition with 6-40 knots!
I finished in 33rd place in Freestyle and 37th place in Slalom!
I'm happy with my results and it's good to see a lot of progress since last year and even since PWA Costa Brava last June.
Also with these results I'm overall top 45 in Slalom with a 41st place! It keeps on getting better as I'm in the top 40 overall in the Freestyle with a 40th place!
Congratulations to my friends Taty Frans for his bullet and Ethan Westera who as a Youth rider reached an awesome 19th place!
Up next: Tomorrow traveling to the Netherlands and visiting my family for 9 days.
Then next stop: PWA Alacati and IFCA Euro Cup Slalom Men in Goztepe, both in Turkey!!!
Stay tuned for more updates!!
Thanks PWA for the opportunity to compete with the best.
Annika, thank you for the good organisation and help with everything! Thanks new friends at Rene Egli for all your enthusiasm and help during our weeks on Fuerteventura.
I also want to thank Melia Gorriones hotel for the nice and relaxed stay in their beautiful hotel. After 3 weeks I am going to miss the breakfast the most!
Without my sponsors this would not be possible: Dunkerbeck Eyewear, Severne, Starboard, Insel Air, KLM, Boolchands,
I appreciate your help so much.
Last but not least, my dad. Thank you for let me realize the dream you once had but never got to do!