Monday, October 17, 2016

Bonaire Regatta

An awesome 1st place in the Bonaire Regatta this year in both the Slalom Men and Formula Men class!
Having 3 days of good wind conditions for this competition last week in the Bonaire Regatta 2016, I learned a lot while surfing with and against my friend Juvannie Agustien (NB35) who definitely made it hard for me to win!
All smiles here!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016


A cold first day for the WATERZ PWA World Tour Windsurfing here in Hvide Sande!
We managed to complete 1 elimination for both the men and the women in winds between 8 to 13 knots, temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius and rain.
I passed my first heat by finishing in fourth but in the second round I finished in 5th and just didn't advance to the next heat (top 4 riders advance).
Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow so we can have some nice weather to warm us up!

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Day two of the WATERZ PWA World Tour Windsurfing in Hvide Sande, Denmark.
No wind so unfortunately no races today but we had Caribbean temperatures and clear blue sky's to lighten the mood!
Forecast for tomorrow looks promising, I can't wait to go out on the water and race again!

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The third day of the WATERZ PWA World Tour Windsurfing in Hvide Sande was great!
Today we had nice weather and good wind!
We completed 1 and a half elimination, unfortunately I could not make it to the third round today but still happy with my sailing and result!
Currently in 37th place!
Tomorrow doesn't look promising but Friday does so let's hope for the best!

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The fourth and fifth day of the WATERZ PWA World Tour Windsurfing had no wind.
We need at least 7 knots over the whole course (PWA rule) so just not enough wind these days for competition but i'm still having a lot of fun playing cards, board games and wake-boarding with the other riders! So a 37th place for me it is!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

WATERZ Long Distance

A 1st place in Youth for me in the WATERZ Long Distance Hvide Sande event!!
I'm happy with winning all 4 races in the Youth class and today even coming in 8th overall in the first race.
Hopefully I can keep this up for the PWA World Tour Windsurfing event starting tomorrow.
Big thanks to the WATERZ organisation and crew who made this Long Distance event a great one!

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pwa Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura was crazy!
Having 9 completed eliminations in up to 43 knots it was the most extreme and sick event I ever competed in. In most heats I was overpowered with my Severne Sails REFLEX 5.6 and Starboard iSonic Slim 86L!
I passed most first heats of the 8 eliminations but unfortunately it was not going as I would have wanted. And than, on the last day, I was having a great heat (I was in 3th place) but lost my fin which causing me to crash and I was not able to finish the race...... I still cannot believe how this could happen since I check all my gear every day. Lesson learned: Double check!!!!!!!
So all in all not such a good event for me but I had a great time racing in stormy winds and I learned a lot.
The PWA Worldtour and Rene Egli organization and whole crew did a awesome job with the event so big and extreme, huge thanks to them for that!
Looking forward to the next PWA Slalom event in Hvide Sande in Denmark. I really want to show that I can do better!
Pics of the crash below by Kuma Movie

Sunday, July 17, 2016

EFPT Lanzarote

The EFPT in lanzarote was radical!
I'm happy to see progression in my result finishing 19th place overall after 4 days of windy conditions and big waves.
Now getting ready for the PWA worldtour Windsurfing in Fuerteventura!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed challenge 2016 World Champion Youth!
After a week of battling it out against competitors from all over the world, I finished 1st in Youth and 7th in Men. Super stoked with these results during the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge World Championships 2016. I pushed myself to the limit every day and with my weight this was the best result possible.
I was up to an incredibly hard task to live up to last years results when I was titled Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge European Champion Youth 2015 and PWA Freestyle Youth Champion 2015. But with the help and coaching of some of the greatest names in windsurfing, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Taty Frans and Amado Vrieswijk and a lot of training and dedication, both on the water and off the water in the gym and in the karate dojo, I proved that if you work hard enough you can achieve almost anything!
A huge thank you to everyone who helped me towards this milestone in my windsurfing career. Can't wait to see what's next, there will be much more to come!!
Also a big round of applause for fantastic organisation and crew of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge and Gps-speedsurfing for their efforts in this event.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Defi Wind

End of the Defi wind 2016,
Although the conditions were not optimal, we still managed to do 1 race in lightwind conditions. So I went out on the biggest gear I had with me: my Starboard iSonic 124 and Severne Sails Reflex 7 7.8
During this race they also had the Defi Wind Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge.
I'm super stoked I won 3rd place Men in the Speed Challenge receiving my prize from my sponsor Mr.Dunkerbeck!!! A big congratulations to my friend Jordy Vonk NED 69 who won the speed challenge!
Dunkerbeck-eyewear Starboard Windsurfing Severne Sails Netvision N.V. Princess Traveller InselAir

Monday, April 11, 2016

Lions Club Cup

Yesterday the Lions Club Cup event took place, I finished 3rd place Men for slalom!
Unfortunately there was not enough wind for freestyle so the freestyle competition will be held Sunday April 17 in the morning at Klein Bonaire!
I surely learned a lot and had even more fun! Congrats to Taty Frans and Giovanni with their first and second place in Slalom! Also the kids did great, saw some talents doing some fantastic races, if they keep on training, this will be the next generation Bonairian Windsurf Pro's 
Thanks Kuma Movie / Ayupic and Marc van Swoll for the nice pictures.

Monday, March 21, 2016

King of Bonaire

After 3 days of sailing I came in 10th place King of Bonaire and 2nd place Prince of Bonare!!
I'm happy with my results and my performance passing the qualification and finally being stopped by Amado and Youp, who I will need some more training for to get on their level.
Congratulations to Taty Frans, Cheppi Gustowski NB-33 and Oda Johanne for winning the King, Prince and Queen of Bonaire!
Also a big thanks to the organization for making this a cool, fun event!

Action pictures coming soon!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saint Barth Fun Cup

The Saint Barth Fun Cup is over!
After three days competing I'm in 9th place overall, 2nd place amateur and 1st place youth!!!
A shame we had only one day of counting competition, but we made the most out of it!
On the first day there were between 18 to 22 knots and I was out on my new Severne Reflex 7 7.8 and Starboard Isonic 97L and was perfectly powered.
Although I had a collision and fell over Tristan who had a catapult on the start line in front of me, I still managed to finish top 10. On the second day of the Saint Barth Fun Cup we had 2 starts in which I finished in 4th place both of them, but they cancelled both of them due to the lack of wind. And the last day of the competition was a fun day, although there was not enough wind for competition I went wave surfing with some friends.
Now on the way back home!
Pictures by Younieq Experiences
A big thank you to all my sponsors for their support!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Recap of 2015

Looking forward to my next event the Saint-Barth Fun Cup but first a recap of last year:
At the start of 2015, I thought my focus would be on experience and training only since at 17 years old, I was the youngest competing in PWA Slalom and Freestyle and entering the Speed discipline which I never trained for let alone competed in. 
But after all it turns out 2015 was the best year for me so far!
My goals for last year were:
· Top 3 Youth in the Dunkerbeck European Speed Challenge
· Top 50 in the PWA Slalom tour
· Passing one heat in the PWA Freestyle event on Fuerteventura
· Top 3 Men in local/ Caribbean competitions
I am very proud to say I even managed to exceed my expectations by adding not one, but three titles to my name:
· PWA Men’s Freestyle 2015 Youth Champion!!! 
· European Youth Champion Speed 2015
· Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015 Youth Champion
PWA Freestyle: I got in 33rd place in Fuerteventura, 40th place Overall and 1st place PWA Youth Freestyle.
PWA Slalom: 47th place Overall and 7th in Youth. Being at only 3 of the events with a highlight on Fuerteventura where I finished 37th, I was happy with the outcome.
Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge: 9th place overall and 1st Place Youth. What a surprise!
Local/Caribbean Slalom/Freestyle/Formula: All 1st, 2nd or 3rd and won Saint Barth Fun Cup Youth.
2015 was also my exam year in school and I am very happy with the outcome of graduating school! Now 2 more years to the highest level of school and then off to University.
My goals for 2016 are to achieve same or higher results:
· Saint Barth Fun Cup, Saint Barth, Caribbean, prolong my Youth title.
· Dunkerbeck European Speed Challenge, Fuerteventura, Spain, prolong my Youth title
· PWA Slalom, finish all events top 40
· PWA freestyle, finish top 30 in Fuerteventura
· Get as much as possible experience in all disciplines
I would like to thank all my sponsors for their ongoing support throughout the years.
Dunkerbeck-eyewear Starboard Windsurfing Severne Sails Princess Traveller InselAir Netvision N.V. KLM Cavalier Logistics Caribbean
And dad, what can I say, without you this all would not be possible. This once was your dream, at that time an impossible one for you but thanks to you I am living it right now!! I really do appreciate it, thank you.
Pics by Younieq Experiences / Marc Van Swoll