Saturday, January 2, 2016

Recap of 2015

Looking forward to my next event the Saint-Barth Fun Cup but first a recap of last year:
At the start of 2015, I thought my focus would be on experience and training only since at 17 years old, I was the youngest competing in PWA Slalom and Freestyle and entering the Speed discipline which I never trained for let alone competed in. 
But after all it turns out 2015 was the best year for me so far!
My goals for last year were:
· Top 3 Youth in the Dunkerbeck European Speed Challenge
· Top 50 in the PWA Slalom tour
· Passing one heat in the PWA Freestyle event on Fuerteventura
· Top 3 Men in local/ Caribbean competitions
I am very proud to say I even managed to exceed my expectations by adding not one, but three titles to my name:
· PWA Men’s Freestyle 2015 Youth Champion!!! 
· European Youth Champion Speed 2015
· Saint Barth Fun Cup 2015 Youth Champion
PWA Freestyle: I got in 33rd place in Fuerteventura, 40th place Overall and 1st place PWA Youth Freestyle.
PWA Slalom: 47th place Overall and 7th in Youth. Being at only 3 of the events with a highlight on Fuerteventura where I finished 37th, I was happy with the outcome.
Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge: 9th place overall and 1st Place Youth. What a surprise!
Local/Caribbean Slalom/Freestyle/Formula: All 1st, 2nd or 3rd and won Saint Barth Fun Cup Youth.
2015 was also my exam year in school and I am very happy with the outcome of graduating school! Now 2 more years to the highest level of school and then off to University.
My goals for 2016 are to achieve same or higher results:
· Saint Barth Fun Cup, Saint Barth, Caribbean, prolong my Youth title.
· Dunkerbeck European Speed Challenge, Fuerteventura, Spain, prolong my Youth title
· PWA Slalom, finish all events top 40
· PWA freestyle, finish top 30 in Fuerteventura
· Get as much as possible experience in all disciplines
I would like to thank all my sponsors for their ongoing support throughout the years.
Dunkerbeck-eyewear Starboard Windsurfing Severne Sails Princess Traveller InselAir Netvision N.V. KLM Cavalier Logistics Caribbean
And dad, what can I say, without you this all would not be possible. This once was your dream, at that time an impossible one for you but thanks to you I am living it right now!! I really do appreciate it, thank you.
Pics by Younieq Experiences / Marc Van Swoll