Monday, March 21, 2016

King of Bonaire

After 3 days of sailing I came in 10th place King of Bonaire and 2nd place Prince of Bonare!!
I'm happy with my results and my performance passing the qualification and finally being stopped by Amado and Youp, who I will need some more training for to get on their level.
Congratulations to Taty Frans, Cheppi Gustowski NB-33 and Oda Johanne for winning the King, Prince and Queen of Bonaire!
Also a big thanks to the organization for making this a cool, fun event!

Action pictures coming soon!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saint Barth Fun Cup

The Saint Barth Fun Cup is over!
After three days competing I'm in 9th place overall, 2nd place amateur and 1st place youth!!!
A shame we had only one day of counting competition, but we made the most out of it!
On the first day there were between 18 to 22 knots and I was out on my new Severne Reflex 7 7.8 and Starboard Isonic 97L and was perfectly powered.
Although I had a collision and fell over Tristan who had a catapult on the start line in front of me, I still managed to finish top 10. On the second day of the Saint Barth Fun Cup we had 2 starts in which I finished in 4th place both of them, but they cancelled both of them due to the lack of wind. And the last day of the competition was a fun day, although there was not enough wind for competition I went wave surfing with some friends.
Now on the way back home!
Pictures by Younieq Experiences
A big thank you to all my sponsors for their support!